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Compaq Presario C700 Series CD DVD RW DL Drive Burner


Brand New Internal DVD±R/RW R9 (Dual Layer) Drive/Burner/Re-writer for

Compaq Presario C700 Series



Enhance your notebook/laptop computer capabilities with this Super-Multi Notebook DVD DL Drive/Burner/Rewriter . Write and rewrite at a 24x max CD burn speed, and write DVD±R discs at 8x. This burner writes to DVD±R while double layer DVD-R (8.5GB) recording is also supported. Burn fast , Burn Right with this burner.

Technical specifications

Device Type
CD DVD±RW R DL Drive/Burner/Rewriter
Enclosure Type

About 260g

Brand New
Optical Storage
DVD±RW R DL Drive (Burner, Rewriter)
Maximum Read Speed
24x CD-ROM / 8x DVD-ROM
Maximum Write Speed
24x CD-R, 16x CD-RW, 8x DVD-R/+R, 8x DVD-RW, 8x DVD+R, 8x DVD+RW, 4x DVD+R DL / -R DL, 5 x DVD-RAM,
Supported Media Types
CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM ,DVD MULTI Read /Write support, DMA66 support
Media Load Type
Tray - Loading
Access Time
140 ms (DVD), 125 ms (CD)
Buffer Underrun Protection
Buffer Size
2 MB
Software / System Requirements
OS Required
Windows 2000, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP /Vista Windows 7 Professional later
Service & Support
6 months warranty
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature
41 °F
Max Operating Temperature
122 °F
Humidity Range Operating
10 - 80%
Packing included
1x Manua

Fits for Laptop model numbers:

Compaq Presario C700 Series

Product Name HP Model Numbe
Product Name HP Model Numbe
C750ES KM919EA
PRESARIO C720TU 52529.01
Presario C700 CTO GE845AV
Presario C700 CTO GJ778AV
Presario C700 CTO GJ779AV
Presario C700 CTO GL015AV
Presario C700 CTO GL016AV
Presario C700 CTO GY394AV
Presario C700EM GR586EA
Presario C700ET GS584EA
Presario C700LA KA345LA
Presario C700T CTO GE846AV
Presario C700T CTO GF440AV
Presario C700T CTO GX112AV
Presario C700T CTO KX530AAR
Presario C700T CTO KX530AV
Presario C700XX GQ384AS
Presario C700XX GQ385AS
Presario C701EA GZ900EA
Presario C701EM GZ901EA
Presario C701TU GS090PA
Presario C702LA GV677LA
Presario C702LA KA346LA
Presario C702TU GS091PA
Presario C702XX GQ701AS
Presario C703LA GY218LA
Presario C703TU GS092PA
Presario C704TU GS093PA
Presario C705LA GV681LA
Presario C705TU GS094PA
Presario C706NR GR995UA
Presario C706NR GR995UAR
Presario C706TU GS095PA
Presario C707LA GY219LA
Presario C707TU GS096PA
Presario C708LA GV690LA
Presario C708TU GS097PA
Presario C709LA GY220LA
Presario C709TU GS098PA
Presario C710BR GV551LA
Presario C710ED GR582EA
Presario C710EE GS573EA
Presario C710EF GR585EA
Presario C710EL GS575EA
Presario C710EM GR584EA
Presario C710EN GS572EA
Presario C710TU GS099PA
Presario C711EF GS595EA
Presario C711EM GS594EA
Presario C711TU GT955PA
Presario C712NR GR986UA
Presario C712NR GR986UAR
Presario C712TU GT965PA
Presario C713NR GR992UA
Presario C713NR GR992UAR
Presario C713TU GU007PA
Presario C714NR GR983UA
Presario C714NR GR983UAR
Presario C714TU GZ416PA
Presario C715BR KL010LA
Presario C715NR GR982UA
Presario C715NR GR982UAR
Presario C715TU KB081PA
Presario C716TU KB114PA
Presario C717NR GR993UA
Presario C717NR GR993UAR
Presario C717TU KB115PA
Presario C718TU KB116PA
Presario C719TU KB117PA
Presario C720BR GV552LA
Presario C720BR GV552LAR
Presario C720ES GR583EA
Presario C721TU KG575PA
Presario C722TU KG576PA
Presario C725BR GV553LA
Presario C727US GR988UA
Presario C727US GR988UAR
Presario C730 CTO GX111AV
Presario C730 CTO GX113AV
Presario C730 CTO GX114AV
Presario C730 CTO GX117AV
Presario C730 CTO GX118AV
Presario C730BR GV554LA
Presario C730EE GS590EA
Presario C730EL GS585EA
Presario C730XX KF129AS
Presario C731EM KM924EA
Presario C731TU KB149PA
Presario C731XX KF130AS
Presario C732EF GS578EA
Presario C732EM GS579EA
Presario C732ES GR592EA
Presario C732TU KB150PA
Presario C732XX KF131AS
Presario C733TU KB151PA
Presario C734TU KB152PA
Presario C735ED GR590EA
Presario C735EE KM926EA
Presario C735EF GZ908EA
Presario C735EL GZ912EA
Presario C735EM KQ185EA
Presario C735TU KB153PA
Presario C736TU KB154PA
Presario C737BR GV555LA
Presario C737EL GZ914EA
Presario C737TU KB155PA
Presario C738TU KB156PA
Presario C739TU KB157PA
Presario C740ED KM920EA
Presario C740EE GS591EA
Presario C740EG GZ907EA
Presario C740EL KM922EA
Presario C740EM KM911EA
Presario C740ET KQ188EA
Presario C740TU KB158PA
Presario C741TU KG553PA
Presario C742EA GZ897EA
Presario C742EM GR598EA
Presario C742ES GZ890EA
Presario C742TU KG554PA
Presario C743TU KG559PA
Presario C744TU KG577PA
Presario C745EE KM918EA
Presario C745EF GZ909EA
Presario C745EG GZ903EA
Presario C745EL GS586EA
Presario C745TU KK812PA
Presario C746TU KK813PA
Presario C747TU KK814PA
Presario C748TU KK833PA
Presario C749TU KM751PA
Presario C750BR KM730LA
Presario C750BR KM730LAR
Presario C750ED KM921EA
Presario C750EF GS580EA
Presario C750EL GS587EA
Presario C750EM GS581EA
Presario C750LA KN564LA
Presario C750TU KM763PA
Presario C751LA KN565LA
Presario C751NR KC590UA
Presario C751NR KC590UAR
Presario C751TU KM803PA
Presario C752LA KN566LA
Presario C752TU KM804PA
Presario C753TU KM838PA
Presario C754CA KC594UA
Presario C754CA KC594UAR
Presario C754TU KP169PA
Presario C755BR KM727LA
Presario C755EF GZ904EA
Presario C755ES GS576EA
Presario C755LA KH107LA
Presario C755TU KP170PA
Presario C756CA KC593UA
Presario C756CA KC593UAR
Presario C756TU KT183PA
Presario C757CA KC592UA
Presario C757CA KC592UAR
Presario C757EA GZ899EA
Presario C757EL GZ913EA
Presario C757EM GR599EA
Presario C757LA KH106LA
Presario C758CA KC591UA
Presario C758CA KC591UAR
Presario C759LA KH108LA
Presario C760ED KU143EA
Presario C760EL KU145EA
Presario C760EM KU136EA
Presario C760ES KU154EA
Presario C760ET KU151EA
Presario C760LA KL316LA
Presario C760XX KV847AS
Presario C761ES KY243EA
Presario C761TU KT179PA
Presario C762NR KN987UA
Presario C762NR KN987UAR
Presario C762TU KT180PA
Presario C763TU KT181PA
Presario C764NR KN991UA
Presario C764NR KN991UAR
Presario C764TU KT182PA
Presario C765BR KM728LA
Presario C765EL KU146EA
Presario C765EM KU153EA
Presario C765ET KU150EA
Presario C766LA FG851LA
Presario C766TU KT184PA
Presario C767EL FG796EA
Presario C767LA FG852LA
Presario C767TU KT185PA
Presario C768BR FH064LA
Presario C768CA KN989UA
Presario C768CA KN989UAR
Presario C768LA FG853LA
Presario C768TU KT186PA
Presario C769CA KN995UA
Presario C769CA KN995UAR
Presario C769LA FG854LA
Presario C769TU KT187PA
Presario C769US KN986UA
Presario C769US KN986UAR
Presario C770BT KM729LA
Presario C770BT KM729LAR
Presario C770ED KU144EA
Presario C770ED KU147EA
Presario C770EE KY234EA
Presario C770EF KU133EA
Presario C770EG KU129EA
Presario C770EL KU138EA
Presario C770EM KU132EA
Presario C770ES KU137EA
Presario C770ET KU149EA
Presario C770LA FK011LA
Presario C770TU KT188PA
Presario C770US FE932UA
Presario C770US FE932UAR
Presario C771TU KU761PA
Presario C771US FE934UA
Presario C771US FE934UAR
Presario C772EG KY240EA
Presario C772EM KU141EA
Presario C772LA FS614LA
Presario C772TU KU764PA
Presario C773EA FG789EA
Presario C773EL FG793EA
Presario C773EM KU152EA
Presario C773TU KU771PA
Presario C774TU KU779PA
Presario C775EF FG790EA
Presario C775EM KU134EA
Presario C775TU KU780PA
Presario C776CA FE937UA
Presario C776CA FE937UAR
Presario C776NR FE939UA
Presario C776NR FE939UAR
Presario C776TU KU781PA
Presario C777CL FE933UA
Presario C777CL FE933UAR
Presario C777EL FG794EA
Presario C777NR FE940UA
Presario C777NR FE940UAR
Presario C777TU KU782PA
Presario C778LA FV237LA
Presario C778TU KU783PA
Presario C779TU KU784PA
Presario C780EE KY235EA
Presario C780EF KU135EA
Presario C780EL KU148EA
Presario C780ES KY244EA
Presario C780LA FW081LA
Presario C780TU FE036PA
Presario C781TU FE092PA
Presario C782TU FE096PA
Presario C783EF FG791EA
Presario C783TU FF369PA
Presario C784TU FF370PA
Presario C785EM KY241EA
Presario C785TU FF371PA
Presario C786TU FF372PA
Presario C790EC FL569EA
Presario C790ED FL572EA
Presario C790EE FG809EA
Presario C790EF FL557EA
Presario C790EI FG800EA
Presario C790EL FM169EA
Presario C790EM FL556EA
Presario C790EP FL574EA
Presario C790ES FN153EA
Presario C790EV FN172EA
Presario C790LA NF046LA
Presario C791EC FL558EA
Presario C791EM FL576EA
Presario C791ER FG811EA
Presario C791ES FN165EA
Presario C791EV FN175EA
Presario C791TU FF390PA
Presario C791VU FF407PA
Presario C791WU FN405PA
Presario C792EA FL581EA
Presario C792EB FG807EA
Presario C792EI FG806EA
Presario C792EJ FG799EA
Presario C792EK FL562EA
Presario C792EM FG798EA
Presario C792ES FM153EA
Presario C792ES FN154EA
Presario C792EV FN145EA
Presario C792EW FL573EA
Presario C792EZ FN144EA
Presario C792TU FF391PA
Presario C792VU FF408PA
Presario C792WU FR697PA
Presario C793EM FM172EA
Presario C793ES FN168EA
Presario C793TU FF392PA
Presario C793VU FF409PA
Presario C793WU FR698PA
Presario C794EF FN148EA
Presario C794EL FN167EA
Presario C794EW FN137EA
Presario C794TU FF393PA
Presario C794VU FF410PA
Presario C794WU FU707PA
Presario C795EB FL568EA
Presario C795ED FL580EA
Presario C795EE FL563EA
Presario C795EF FM157EA
Presario C795EI FL567EA
Presario C795EK FN149EA
Presario C795EL FM162EA
Presario C795EM FM177EA
Presario C795EO FG810EA
Presario C795ER FM170EA
Presario C795EV FN146EA
Presario C795TR FG804EA
Presario C795TU FF394PA
Presario C795VU FF411PA
Presario C795WU FZ692PA
Presario C796EF FN169EA
Presario C796ET FM164EA
Presario C796TU FF395PA
Presario C796VU FF412PA
Presario C796WU FZ693PA
Presario C797EE FL579EA
Presario C797EI FN156EA
Presario C797EL FN166EA
Presario C797EO FM176EA
Presario C797TU FF396PA
Presario C797VU FF413PA
Presario C798EB FN163EA
Presario C798EL FM163EA
Presario C798TR FL565EA
Presario C798TU FF397PA
Presario C798VU FK641PA
Presario C799EO FN151EA
Presario C799ER FM168EA
Presario C799TR FM166EA
Presario C799TU FF406PA
Presario C799VU FK642PA


1. Not all compatible model# is listed.So please email us if you have any compatibility question.

2. One drive with faceplate(bezel) only,CD caddy/connector is not included. You may remove the cd caddy/bezel with a small screwdriver from your old CD-ROM then install into this drive, it is so easy to replace it,we will match one manual to teach you.

2. Please directly add additional lightscribe fee $5.00 to our paypal account if you would like LightScribe/LabalFlash function with this dvd drive, thanks.

3. Please contact us if you don't know whether this drive fits for your laptop, we will be pleased to help you,thanks.

4. Please contact us if you want wholesale,we will give you best offer price,thanks.

Tech Note:

Some laptop may use some mounting frames or a caddy around the bare CD drive for easy swap. You need to re-use the mounting frames or caddy in order to use this new drive. Some laptop may also use a rear connector adapter to change the position and shape of the rear connector. If your original CD drive rear connector looks different from this drive, it most likely has a special rear connector adapter added to the drive. In this case, you just need to remove the rear connector adapter from original drive and re-use it on the new drive.

It's easy. First, use a straightened paper clip or something similar to open the tray (there's a small hole in the drive front for that purpose). Slide the tray front up and off (you can see how it's constructed by looking at the replacement tray front). Slide the new front on until it snaps into place. Then close the tray.

The drive faceplate is held by catches at three points: each side and either the top or bottom. Use a screwdriver or something similar to push the catches in one at a time, and pull the faceplate off the drive a little at each point until it's completely released and can easily be lifted off the drive. Then attach the new faceplate, snapping it into place at all three points.


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