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Compaq Presario CQ61-400 Series 24X CD 8X DVD RW DL Drive Burner


Brand New Internal DVD±R/RW R9 (Dual Layer) Drive/Burner/Re-writer for

Compaq Presario CQ61-400 Series



Enhance your notebook/laptop computer capabilities with this Super-Multi Notebook DVD DL Drive/Burner/Rewriter . Write and rewrite at a 24x max CD burn speed, and write DVD±R discs at 8x. This burner writes to DVD±R while double layer DVD-R (8.5GB) recording is also supported. Burn fast , Burn Right with this burner.

Technical specifications

Device Type
CD DVD±RW R DL Drive/Burner/Rewriter
Enclosure Type

About 260g

Brand New
Optical Storage
DVD±RW R DL Drive (Burner, Rewriter)
Maximum Read Speed
24x CD-ROM / 8x DVD-ROM
Maximum Write Speed
24x CD-R, 16x CD-RW, 8x DVD-R/+R, 8x DVD-RW, 8x DVD+R, 8x DVD+RW, 4x DVD+R DL / -R DL, 5 x DVD-RAM,
Supported Media Types
CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM ,DVD MULTI Read /Write support, DMA66 support
Media Load Type
Tray - Loading
Access Time
140 ms (DVD), 125 ms (CD)
Buffer Underrun Protection
Buffer Size
2 MB
Software / System Requirements
OS Required
Windows 2000, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP /Vista Windows 7 Professional later
Service & Support
6 months warranty
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature
41 °F
Max Operating Temperature
122 °F
Humidity Range Operating
10 - 80%
Packing included
1x Manua

Fits for Laptop model numbers:

Compaq Presario CQ61-400 Series

Product Name HP Model Numbe
Product Name HP Model Numbe
Presario CQ61-400ES WF812EA
Presario CQ61-400ES WF812EAR
Presario CQ61-400EW WE073EA
Presario CQ61-400EX VY532EA
Presario CQ61-400SO VY430EA
Presario CQ61-400SO VY430EAR
Presario CQ61-400SS WB906EA
Presario CQ61-401SA VY437EA
Presario CQ61-401SA VY437EAR
Presario CQ61-401SO WB901EA
Presario CQ61-401SY WN534EA
Presario CQ61-401TX WF553PA
Presario CQ61-402EA WH581EA
Presario CQ61-402EA WH581EAR
Presario CQ61-402EO WH618EA
Presario CQ61-402EO WH618EAR
Presario CQ61-402SA WE089EA
Presario CQ61-402SA WE089EAR
Presario CQ61-402SZ VY407EA
Presario CQ61-402SZ VY407EAR
Presario CQ61-402TU WC268PA
Presario CQ61-403EA WH600EA
Presario CQ61-403EA WH600EAR
Presario CQ61-403EK WR128EA
Presario CQ61-403SA VY544EA
Presario CQ61-403SA VY544EAR
Presario CQ61-403SF VY519EA
Presario CQ61-403SF VY519EAR
Presario CQ61-403SY WR122EA
Presario CQ61-403SZ WM989EA
Presario CQ61-404AU WF630PA
Presario CQ61-404EA WH601EA
Presario CQ61-404SZ WR136EA
Presario CQ61-405AU WK887PA
Presario CQ61-405AX WF578PA
Presario CQ61-405EB WH622EA
Presario CQ61-405EB WH622EAR
Presario CQ61-405EK WM971EA
Presario CQ61-405EO WD438EA
Presario CQ61-405EO WD438EAR
Presario CQ61-405ER WJ262EA
Presario CQ61-405ER WJ262EAR
Presario CQ61-405ET VY506EA
Presario CQ61-405ET VY506EAR
Presario CQ61-405EY WN516EA
Presario CQ61-405EY WN516EAR
Presario CQ61-405EZ WG674EA
Presario CQ61-405SA WE090EA
Presario CQ61-405SA WE090EAR
Presario CQ61-405SF VY541EA
Presario CQ61-405SF VY541EAR
Presario CQ61-405SL WJ271EA
Presario CQ61-405SO VY514EA
Presario CQ61-405SO VY514EAR
Presario CQ61-405SV WD422EA
Presario CQ61-405SW VY523EA
Presario CQ61-405SW VY523EAR
Presario CQ61-405SY WR126EA
Presario CQ61-406AX WJ779PA
Presario CQ61-406SA WD428EA
Presario CQ61-406SA WD428EAR
Presario CQ61-406SZ WR124EA
Presario CQ61-406TX WG346PA
Presario CQ61-407AX WJ780PA
Presario CQ61-407CA WA978UA
Presario CQ61-407CA WA978UAR
Presario CQ61-407EF WH588EA
Presario CQ61-407EF WH588EAR
Presario CQ61-407EK WR117EA
Presario CQ61-407EK WR117EAR
Presario CQ61-407EO WB904EA
Presario CQ61-407EO WB904EAR
Presario CQ61-407ER WN537EA
Presario CQ61-407SA WD429EA
Presario CQ61-407SF VY419EA
Presario CQ61-407SF VY419EAR
Presario CQ61-407SL WH605EA
Presario CQ61-407TX WG347PA
Presario CQ61-408AX WJ787PA
Presario CQ61-408EF WN530EA
Presario CQ61-408EF WN530EAR
Presario CQ61-408SL WN531EA
Presario CQ61-408SL WN531EAR
Presario CQ61-408SO WE067EA
Presario CQ61-408TX WG359PA
Presario CQ61-409AX WJ818PA
Presario CQ61-409SL WN532EA
Presario CQ61-409SL WN532EAR
Presario CQ61-409SO VY551EA
Presario CQ61-409SO VY551EAR
Presario CQ61-409TU WF632PA
Presario CQ61-409TX WJ816PA
Presario CQ61-410AX WJ855PA
Presario CQ61-410EC WN517EA
Presario CQ61-410EC WN517EAR
Presario CQ61-410EF WH591EA
Presario CQ61-410EG VY403EA
Presario CQ61-410EG VY403EAR
Presario CQ61-410EI VY429EA
Presario CQ61-410EK WG671EA
Presario CQ61-410EK WG671EAR
Presario CQ61-410EM WN519EA
Presario CQ61-410EM WN519EAR
Presario CQ61-410EP WF809EA
Presario CQ61-410ER WJ261EA
Presario CQ61-410ER WJ261EAR
Presario CQ61-410ET VY406EA
Presario CQ61-410EV VY504EA
Presario CQ61-410EV VY504EAR
Presario CQ61-410EX VY427EA
Presario CQ61-410SB VY411EA
Presario CQ61-410SB VY411EAR
Presario CQ61-410SF VY417EA
Presario CQ61-410SF VY417EAR
Presario CQ61-410SG WB907EA
Presario CQ61-410SH VY517EA
Presario CQ61-410SH VY517EAR
Presario CQ61-410SJ VY443EA
Presario CQ61-410SJ VY443EAR
Presario CQ61-410SJ WM973EA
Presario CQ61-410SJ WM973EAR
Presario CQ61-410SM VY530EA
Presario CQ61-410SM VY530EAR
Presario CQ61-410SO VY420EA
Presario CQ61-410SP VY409EA
Presario CQ61-410SP VY409EAR
Presario CQ61-410SQ VY524EA
Presario CQ61-410SQ VY524EAR
Presario CQ61-410SV VY518EA
Presario CQ61-410SV VY518EAR
Presario CQ61-410SW VY418EA
Presario CQ61-410SW VY418EAR
Presario CQ61-410TX WK894PA
Presario CQ61-410US WA974UA
Presario CQ61-410US WA974UAR
Presario CQ61-411AX WJ856PA
Presario CQ61-411SE WR121EA
Presario CQ61-411SO WD424EA
Presario CQ61-411TU WG372PA
Presario CQ61-411TX WR642PA
Presario CQ61-411WM WA980UA
Presario CQ61-411WM WA980UAR
Presario CQ61-412AX WJ857PA
Presario CQ61-412EO WS672EA
Presario CQ61-412EZ WF798EA
Presario CQ61-412EZ WF798EAR
Presario CQ61-412NR WA982UA
Presario CQ61-412NR WA982UAR
Presario CQ61-412SL VY537EA
Presario CQ61-412SO WK651EA
Presario CQ61-412TU WK875PA
Presario CQ61-413SL WN533EA
Presario CQ61-413SL WN533EAR
Presario CQ61-413SO WH606EA
Presario CQ61-413SO WH606EAR
Presario CQ61-413TU WK876PA
Presario CQ61-414EO WJ267EA
Presario CQ61-414EO WJ267EAR
Presario CQ61-414NR WA981UA
Presario CQ61-414NR WA981UAR
Presario CQ61-414TU WK905PA
Presario CQ61-415EA WH616EA
Presario CQ61-415EG VY510EA
Presario CQ61-415EG VY510EAR
Presario CQ61-415EI WJ274EA
Presario CQ61-415EI WJ274EAR
Presario CQ61-415EM WK636EA
Presario CQ61-415EP WK642EA
Presario CQ61-415EQ VY424EA
Presario CQ61-415EQ VY424EAR
Presario CQ61-415EW WH602EA
Presario CQ61-415EW WH602EAR
Presario CQ61-415EY WM970EA
Presario CQ61-415EY WM970EAR
Presario CQ61-415SA VY539EA
Presario CQ61-415SB VY512EA
Presario CQ61-415SF VY542EA
Presario CQ61-415SG WD418EA
Presario CQ61-415SG WD418EAR
Presario CQ61-415SH VY416EA
Presario CQ61-415SM WB894EA
Presario CQ61-415SM WB894EAR
Presario CQ61-415SO VY515EA
Presario CQ61-415ST VY545EA
Presario CQ61-415SZ WH593EA
Presario CQ61-415TU WK906PA
Presario CQ61-416EA WH617EA
Presario CQ61-416EG VY432EA
Presario CQ61-416EG VY432EAR
Presario CQ61-416SA WD420EA
Presario CQ61-416SG WB909EA
Presario CQ61-416SO VY516EA
Presario CQ61-416TU WK907PA
Presario CQ61-417ER WH607EA
Presario CQ61-417EZ WF799EA
Presario CQ61-417SA WN535EA
Presario CQ61-417SG WK648EA
Presario CQ61-417SG WK648EAR
Presario CQ61-417SO WE070EA
Presario CQ61-417SO WE070EAR
Presario CQ61-417TU WK908PA
Presario CQ61-418ER WH608EA
Presario CQ61-418ER WH608EAR
Presario CQ61-418TU WK943PA
Presario CQ61-419EO WD441EA
Presario CQ61-419EO WD441EAR
Presario CQ61-419ER VY502EA
Presario CQ61-419TU WK944PA
Presario CQ61-420EC WH621EA
Presario CQ61-420EC WH621EAR
Presario CQ61-420EI WF802EA
Presario CQ61-420EJ WG667EA
Presario CQ61-420EJ WG667EAR
Presario CQ61-420EM VY531EA
Presario CQ61-420EP WF810EA
Presario CQ61-420ER WH610EA
Presario CQ61-420ER WH610EAR
Presario CQ61-420EW WH592EA
Presario CQ61-420EW WH592EAR
Presario CQ61-420EX VY444EA
Presario CQ61-420SA VY439EA
Presario CQ61-420SE WH587EA
Presario CQ61-420SG WD439EA
Presario CQ61-420SH WD436EA
Presario CQ61-420SO WE069EA
Presario CQ61-420SO WE069EAR
Presario CQ61-420SP VY410EA
Presario CQ61-420SQ VY527EA
Presario CQ61-420SQ VY527EAR
Presario CQ61-420ST VY415EA
Presario CQ61-420TU WK955PA
Presario CQ61-420US WA976UA
Presario CQ61-420US WA976UAR
Presario CQ61-421ER WJ278EA
Presario CQ61-421SA WB911EA
Presario CQ61-421SA WB911EAR
Presario CQ61-421SG WD417EA
Presario CQ61-421SG WD417EAR
Presario CQ61-422ER VY401EA
Presario CQ61-422ER WN515EA
Presario CQ61-422ER WN515EAR
Presario CQ61-422SA WE086EA
Presario CQ61-422SA WE086EAR
Presario CQ61-422SG WN523EA
Presario CQ61-423ER WJ279EA
Presario CQ61-423SA WE088EA
Presario CQ61-423SA WE088EAR
Presario CQ61-423SG WN526EA
Presario CQ61-423SO VY552EA
Presario CQ61-424EG WM980EA
Presario CQ61-424EG WM980EAR
Presario CQ61-424SA WF816EA
Presario CQ61-424SA WF816EAR
Presario CQ61-424SO WE066EA
Presario CQ61-425EA VY442EA
Presario CQ61-425EA VY442EAR
Presario CQ61-425EB WH609EA
Presario CQ61-425EC VY412EA
Presario CQ61-425EC VY412EAR
Presario CQ61-425EG WN524EA
Presario CQ61-425EG WN524EAR
Presario CQ61-425EI WJ277EA
Presario CQ61-425EI WJ277EAR
Presario CQ61-425EM WF805EA
Presario CQ61-425EM WF805EAR
Presario CQ61-425ER WN536EA
Presario CQ61-425ET WD437EA
Presario CQ61-425ET WD437EAR
Presario CQ61-425SA VY440EA
Presario CQ61-425SA VY440EAR
Presario CQ61-425SH WB905EA
Presario CQ61-425SO WD442EA
Presario CQ61-425SO WD442EAR
Presario CQ61-425SQ WG681EA
Presario CQ61-426EA VY422EA
Presario CQ61-426EG WN525EA
Presario CQ61-426EG WN525EAR
Presario CQ61-426EO WD425EA
Presario CQ61-426EO WD425EAR
Presario CQ61-426SA WJ273EA
Presario CQ61-427EG WN528EA
Presario CQ61-427EG WN528EAR
Presario CQ61-427SA WH599EA
Presario CQ61-427SA WH599EAR
Presario CQ61-428EO WD440EA
Presario CQ61-428EZ WF800EA
Presario CQ61-428EZ WF800EAR
Presario CQ61-428SA WK639EA
Presario CQ61-428SG WN529EA
Presario CQ61-428SO WE071EA
Presario CQ61-429SG WD419EA
Presario CQ61-429US WA985UA
Presario CQ61-429US WA985UAR
Presario CQ61-430EC VY513EA
Presario CQ61-430EC VY513EAR
Presario CQ61-430EI VY445EA
Presario CQ61-430EI VY445EAR
Presario CQ61-430EJ WK645EA
Presario CQ61-430EJ WK645EAR
Presario CQ61-430EK WG672EA
Presario CQ61-430EM WD431EA
Presario CQ61-430ER WJ280EA
Presario CQ61-430EV WH580EA
Presario CQ61-430EV WH580EAR
Presario CQ61-430SV WK656EA
Presario CQ61-430SV WK656EAR
Presario CQ61-431SZ VY507EA
Presario CQ61-431SZ VY507EAR
Presario CQ61-432EZ WD430EA
Presario CQ61-432EZ WD430EAR
Presario CQ61-433SA WK638EA
Presario CQ61-433SZ WD432EA
Presario CQ61-433SZ WD432EAR
Presario CQ61-435EI VY526EA
Presario CQ61-435EK WR139EA
Presario CQ61-435EK WR139EAR
Presario CQ61-435EM WK635EA
Presario CQ61-435SA WR125EA
Presario CQ61-435SA WR125EAR
Presario CQ61-435SM VY426EA
Presario CQ61-435SM VY426EAR
Presario CQ61-435SQ WG682EA
Presario CQ61-435SQ WG682EAR
Presario CQ61-440EC WN514EA
Presario CQ61-440EC WN514EAR
Presario CQ61-440EE WK654EA
Presario CQ61-440EK WK646EA
Presario CQ61-440ET WE083EA
Presario CQ61-440SA WS669EA
Presario CQ61-440SA WS669EAR
Presario CQ61-440SE WF797EA
Presario CQ61-440SM WH611EA
Presario CQ61-440SM WH611EAR
Presario CQ61-441SV WB900EA
Presario CQ61-441SV WB900EAR
Presario CQ61-442SV VY521EA
Presario CQ61-445ED VY534EA
Presario CQ61-445ED VY534EAR
Presario CQ61-445EI WJ275EA
Presario CQ61-445EM WH594EA
Presario CQ61-445SI WR120EA
Presario CQ61-445SQ WG683EA
Presario CQ61-449ES WK653EA
Presario CQ61-450ED VY433EA
Presario CQ61-450EK WG673EA
Presario CQ61-450ES WD433EA
Presario CQ61-450ES WD433EAR
Presario CQ61-450EV VY404EA
Presario CQ61-450EV VY404EAR
Presario CQ61-450SP VY509EA
Presario CQ61-450SS WE068EA
Presario CQ61-450SS WE068EAR
Presario CQ61-450ST WH576EA
Presario CQ61-455EM WB892EA
Presario CQ61-455SQ VY425EA
Presario CQ61-455SQ VY425EAR
Presario CQ61-457EE WH612EA
Presario CQ61-460SS VY508EA
Presario CQ61-460SS VY508EAR
Presario CQ61-465SQ WJ281EA
Presario CQ61-475SQ WB891EA
Presario CQ61-475SQ WB891EAR
Presario CQ61-485EQ WS683EA
Presario CQ61-488EE WJ265EA
Presario CQ61-489EE WJ266EA
Presario CQ61-489EE WJ266EAR
Presario CQ61Z-400 CTO VU200AV
Presario CQ61Z-400 CTO VU201AV
Presario CQ61Z-400 CTO VU202AV
Presario CQ61Z-400 CTO VX565AV
Presario G61-460SL VY449EA
HP CQ61-440EI WB914EA
HP CQ61-440EI WB914EAR
HP G61-413SL VY536EA
HP G61-413SL VY536EAR
HP G61-415SD VY549EA
HP G61-415SD VY549EAR
HP G61-430SD WE082EA
HP G61-430SD WE082EAR


1. Not all compatible model# is listed.So please email us if you have any compatibility question.

2. One drive with faceplate(bezel) only,CD caddy/connector is not included. You may remove the cd caddy/bezel with a small screwdriver from your old CD-ROM then install into this drive, it is so easy to replace it,we will match one manual to teach you.

2. Please directly add additional lightscribe fee $5.00 to our paypal account if you would like LightScribe/LabalFlash function with this dvd drive, thanks.

3. Please contact us if you don't know whether this drive fits for your laptop, we will be pleased to help you,thanks.

4. Please contact us if you want wholesale,we will give you best offer price,thanks.

Tech Note:

Some laptop may use some mounting frames or a caddy around the bare CD drive for easy swap. You need to re-use the mounting frames or caddy in order to use this new drive. Some laptop may also use a rear connector adapter to change the position and shape of the rear connector. If your original CD drive rear connector looks different from this drive, it most likely has a special rear connector adapter added to the drive. In this case, you just need to remove the rear connector adapter from original drive and re-use it on the new drive.

It's easy. First, use a straightened paper clip or something similar to open the tray (there's a small hole in the drive front for that purpose). Slide the tray front up and off (you can see how it's constructed by looking at the replacement tray front). Slide the new front on until it snaps into place. Then close the tray.

The drive faceplate is held by catches at three points: each side and either the top or bottom. Use a screwdriver or something similar to push the catches in one at a time, and pull the faceplate off the drive a little at each point until it's completely released and can easily be lifted off the drive. Then attach the new faceplate, snapping it into place at all three points.


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