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Laptop Battery Advent K300 7109a 7113 7114 7204 8111 8115 8215


Brand New 4400mAh Laptop Battery For

Advent 7204 8111 8115 8215 Laptop Series


Products Feature:

Capacity: 4400mAh

Components: 6 Cell

Voltage: DC 10.8V

Material: Lithium-ion

Weight: 320g

Color: Black

Guarantee:30 Days Money Back !

Service & Support: 12 months warranty

Replacement & Brand New !

Replacement Code:

L51-3S4400-G1P3, L51-3S4400-S1P3, L51-3S4000-G1L1

Fit laptop model:

For Advent

K100 K200 K300 ERT2250 6000 7109a 7109b 7113 7114 7204 8111 8115 8215 Series

4500IW 4510IW Series

L71II3 Series

Note: Not all compatible model# is listed.So please email us if you have any compatibility question.


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  • Model: L51-3S4400-G1P3 4400mah