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Toshiba Mini NB505 Series USB 3.0 External DVD RW Drive Burner


Brand New USB 3.0 Slim External DVD±RW Drive For

Toshiba Mini Notebook NB505 Series



This USB External CD DVD RW Drive/Burner is an extra slim drive with ability to write DVD±R and read DVD-ROM. Perfect companion for your notebook / true plug & play interface / travel easily, very convenient.


  • USB connectivity also offers easy installation to desktop and notebook computers
  • It's super slim, lightweight, sturdy and attractive
  • USB 3.0 interface (compatible with USB 1.1)
  • Powered by USB or AC adapter (Both adapters are included)
  • Work with any laptop and desk pc with USB port
  • Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 compatible
  • Slim and portable



Device Type: External USB 3.0 Super-Multi Slim Notebook & Desktop Computer DVD Rewriter

Enclosure Type: External

Special features: 12 cm and 8 cm CD and DVD media are supported, buffer under run error prevention

Read Speed: CD-ROM: 24x Max; DVD-ROM: 8x Max; DVD-ROM (DL): 6x Max;

Write Speed: CD-R: 24X Max; DVD±R: 8X Max; DVD±R DL: 4X Max; DVD-R±9: 2.4x Max;

Rewrite Speed: DVD+RW: 4X Max; DVD-RW: 4x Max; CD-RW: 10X Max; DVD-RAM: 3x Max;

Buffer Size: 2 MB

Access time: 130 ms

Supported Formats: CD Text, CD Extra, CD-DA (audio), CD-I, CD-ROM XA, Photo CD, Video CD, CD-ROM, DVD-Video

Supported media types: CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL, DVD RAM

Weight: 0.47kg

Color: Black (Please contact us if you need other colors.)

Condition: Brand New

Software / System Requirements

OS Required: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7


Service & Support: 6 months warranty

Environmental Parameters

Min Operating Temperature: 41°F

Max Operating Temperature:122°F

Humidity Range Operating: 10 - 80%

Packing included:

1x USB External CD DVD RW Burner Drive

1x USB Data Cable

1x USB Power Cable

1x CD Disc for Windows 98

Fits for laptop computer model:

ALL Toshiba 10.1" mini notebook

Toshiba FOLIO 100

Toshiba AC100 Series
AC100-10U, AC100-10Z

Toshiba NB100 Notebook series
NB100-10X, NB100-10Y, NB100-11B, NB100-11G, NB100-11J, NB100-11R, NB100-111, NB100-112, NB100-113, NB100-125, NB100-127, NB100-128, NB100-12A, NB100-12H, NB100-12M, NB100-12N, NB100-12T, NB100-12U, NB100-139

Toshiba NB 105 Notebook series
NB 105-SP2801A, NB 105-SP2801C, NB 105-SP2801R, NB 105-SP2802A, NB 105-SP2802C, NB 105-SP2802R

Toshiba NB200 Notebook series:
NB200-002, NB200-006, NB200-00P, NB200-10G, NB200-10J, NB200-10L, NB200-10P, NB200-10Z, NB200-110, NB200-113, NB200-11H, NB200-11L, NB200-11M, NB200-11N, NB200-122, NB200-123, NB200-125, NB200-126, NB200-12J, NB200-12N, NB200-12R, NB200-12U, NB200-12V, NB200-12W, NB200-13L, NB200-13T, NB200-131, NB200-134, NB200-136, NB200-SP2903A, NB200-SP2903C, NB200-SP2903R, NB200-SP2904A, NB200-SP2904C, NB200-SP2904R, NB200-SP2905A, NB200-SP2905C, NB200-SP2905R, NB200-SP2906A, NB200-SP2906C, NB200-SP2906R, NB200-SP2907A, NB200-SP2907C, NB200-SP2907R, NB200-SP2908A, NB200-SP2908C, NB200-SP2908R, NB200-SP2909A, NB200-SP2909C, NB200-SP2909R, NB200-SP2910A, NB200-SP2910C, NB200-SP2910R, NB200-SP2911A, NB200-SP2911C, NB200-SP2911R, NB200-SP2912A, NB200-SP2912C, NB200-SP2912R

Toshiba Mini Notebook NB205 series:
NB205-N210, NB205-N211, NB205-N230, NB205-N310/BN, NB205-N310BN-G, NB205-N311/W, NB205-N312/BL, NB205-N313/P, NB205-N323BN, NB205-N324BL, NB205-N324WH, NB205-N325BL, NB205-N325BN, NB205-N325PK, NB205-N325WH, NB205-N330BL, NB205-N330BN, NB205-N330PK, NB205-N330WH, NB205-SP2920A, NB205-SP2920C, NB205-SP2920R, NB205-SP2921A, NB205-SP2921C, NB205-SP2921R, NB205-SP2922A, NB205-SP2922C, NB205-SP2922R, NB205-SP2923A, NB205-SP2923C, NB205-SP2923R, NB205-SP2924A, NB205-SP2924C, NB205-SP2924R

Toshiba Mini Notebook NB250 series
NB250-10D, NB250-10G, NB250-10R, NB250-107, NB250-108, NB250-109

Toshiba Mini Notebook NB255 series
NB255-N240, NB255-N245, NB255-N246, NB255-N250, NB255-SP0010L, NB255-SP0010M, NB255-SP0011L, NB255-SP0011M, NB255-SP1001L, NB255-SP1001M, NB255-SP1002L, NB255-SP1002M, NB255-SP1003L, NB255-SP1003M

Toshiba NB300 Notebook series:
NB300-100, NB300-108, NB300-10M, NB300-10N

Toshiba NB305 Notebook series:
NB305-105, NB305-106, NB305-N310, NB305-N310G, NB305-N410BL, NB305-N410BN, NB305-N410BN-G, NB305-N410WH, NB305-N411BL, NB305-N411BN, NB305-N413BN, NB305-N440BL,NB305-N440BN, NB305-N440RD, NB305-N440WH, NB305-N442BL, NB305-N442BN, NB305-N442RD, NB305-N442WH, NB305-N444BN, NB305-N600, NB305-SP1051L, NB305-SP1051M, NB305-SP1052L, NB305-SP1052M, NB305-SP1053L, NB305-SP1053M, NB305-SP1054L, NB305-SP1054M, NB305-SP1055L, NB305-SP1055M, NB305-SP2001L, NB305-SP2001M, NB305-SP2002L, NB305-SP2002M, NB305-10F, NB305-10U

Toshiba Mini Notebook NB500 series:
NB500-107, NB500-108, NB500-10F, NB500-10P, NB500-10Q, NB500-10G, NB500-10H, NB500-10L, NB500-10M, NB500-10V

Toshiba Mini Notebook NB505 series:
NB505-N500BL, NB505-N508B, NB505-N500BL,NB505-N508BL,NB505-N508BN,NB505-N508GN,NB505-N508OR, NB505-N508TQ, NB505-SP0110A, NB505-SP0110C, NB505-SP0110L, NB505-SP0111A, NB505-SP0111BLL, NB505-SP0111C, NB505-SP0111GNL, NB505-SP0111L, NB505-SP0111ORL, NB505-SP0160, NB505-SP0163, NB505-SP0164, NB505-SP0165

Toshiba Mini Notebook NB520 series:
NB520-108, NB520-109, NB520-10H

Toshiba Mini Notebook NB550D series:
NB550D-105, NB550D-108, NB550D-109, NB550D-10G, NB550D-10H

Toshiba Satellite Series
Toshiba Satellite T210 series
Satellite T210-112

Toshiba Satellite T210D series
Toshiba Satellite T215D series
Toshiba Satellite T230 series

Satellite T230-10J, Satellite T230-12Q

Toshiba Satellite T230D series
Toshiba Satellite T235 series
Toshiba Satellite T235D series

Toshiba Libretto series
Libretto 50CT
Libretto 70CT
Libretto 110CT
Libretto W100
Libretto W100-106
Libretto W105
Libretto U100
Libretto U100-105
Libretto U100-108
Libretto U105

And also fit other mini laptop !

Note: Not all compatible model# is listed.So If you don't see your model on the list please contact us, we may be able to assist you in determining whether the External USB DVD RW Burner Drive will fit with your laptop or not.


1. Please contact us if you want wholesale,we will give you best offer price,thanks.

2. Please contact us if you want other external,such as external blu-ray combo drive,external blu-ray burner, LightScribe/LabelFlash function on external dvd drive and so on.

3. Please contact us if you want other colors,external dvd burner,such as pink,white,blue,red and so on.


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